TriCaster Troubleshooting

Problems with Advanced Edition rev 5

Rev 5 of the Advanced Edition software for the TriCaster moves all the TriCaster files into c:\Program Data and c:\Program Files. It then normally then creates a shortcut c:\TriCaster that points to the new install location in c:\Program Files.

If the metaSETZ tally plug-in was installed prior to updating to rev 5 the TCAE Rev 5 installer fails to move the metaSETZ plugin to the new location, so it can’t delete the c:\TriCaster folder and then fails to create the shortcut.┬áThis can cause issues with the installations other 3rd part add-ons and will prevent the metaSETZ plugin from operating.

If you haven’t already installed Rev 5 TCAE–uninstall the metaSETZ plugin first.

If you have already installed Rev 5 TCAE then:

  1. From Windows navigate to c:\ and delete the c:\TriCaster folder, leave the window open.
  2. Open a second window and navigate to c:\Program Files\NewTek\
  3. RIGHT click and drag the TriCaster folder to window showing c:\
  4. In the context menu that pops up select ‘Create Shortcut Here’. This will create the proper shortcut.
  5. Install the new version 2.6 metaSETZ software. This version knows about the new file locations.