Download Drivers and Manuals

IMPORTANT NOTE: A recent Windows Update broke the tally installer on Win10 machines. If you are installing on a TC1, TC2 Mini4k, Mini HDMI/SDI (w/Win10) or VMC1 Be sure to use the new 4.0 version linked below and READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

TLC-4S/TLC-6S/TLC-8S/TLC-8PRO/TLC-ITC/ Software – version 4.0 for TriCaster – TC2 Elite support included

TLC-8S & TLC-4S Manual (TriCaster)

TLC-8LS & TLC-4LS Manual (Livestream Studio & vMix)

TLC-U Manual

TLC-8D Controller Manual

TL-2 Tally Light Manual

RU-2 Relay Unit Manual

Discontinued Models

TLC- 4S, 8S & 6S Software version 1.4 for SD TriCaster (TC Pro, Studio etc.)

TLC-6S Controller Manual

TLC-6 Controller Manual

TLC-6 Hardware Drivers (original non-S version)

TLC-6 1.23 Software Setup (original non-S version)

The TLC-6 requires both the hardware drivers and the controller software

TL-1 Tally Light Manual

TL-XD Tally Light Manual