TLC-8D Tally Controller

TLC-8D Tally Controller

Quick Look:

  • 8 Tally outputs (Program tally only)
  • Tally port interface
  • Compatible only with TriCaster TriCaster 410, 450, 455, 460, 850, 855, 860 and 8000 (any TriCaster w/tally port)
  • NOT compatible with TriCaster 40 or Mini
  • It is a poor choice for any of the latest generation of TriCasters (TC1, TC1 Pro, 410 Plus and TC2) due to limitations of the TriCaster tally port and will only work for the first four inputs on the switcher on the 410 Plus, TC1 and TC1 Pro and the first eight on the TC2. Use a TLC4S or TLC8S instead.

Designed for use specifically with the TriCaster Proline series our TLC-8D controller is an adapter box the connects to the TriCaster’s 15 pin tally port and interfaces to our tally lights or relay units.

See TLC-8S for more features

See TLC-4S for TriCaster 40 and TriCaster Mini

See TLC-4LS or TLC-8LS for Livestream Studio

The TriCaster’s tally port supports a ‘program’ tally for the source selected on the program bus of the switcher. The TLC-8D translates this signal to illuminate the red camera operator tally and the ‘talent’ tally on the TL-2 light. The talent tallys can be globally disabled via a jumper in the TLC-8D.

For CCU users the TLC-8D can be interfaced with CCUs that require ‘Dry’ contact closure using an RU-2 relay unit for each CCU.

One of the things that sets the TLC-8D apart from a simple adapter cable is the intercom pass through so you can run both tally and intercom on a single Cat5 cable run. Connect your intercom base station into the XLR on the TLC-8D then connect your beltpacks to the multi-purpose port on the tally lights with the proper adapter cable.

The TLC-8D is also upgradeable to full microprocessor functionality like the TLC-8S and provide additional features like preview tally and GPI I/O.

TLC-8D ships with a 6 foot 15 pin tally cable and a 6 foot USB cable (for power).

Main Features

  • Compact, rugged ABS construction
  • 8 tally outputs
  • XLR intercom pass through connection
  • Compatible with TL-XD, TL-1 and TL-2 lights plus RU-2 relay units
  • Factory upgradable for additional functionality
  • Powered via USB – no wall wart

Download the manual

List Price $225

CE Declaration of Conformity