TLC-U Universal Tally Controller

TLC-U Universal Tally Controller

Compatible with any video switcher that has contact closure or open collector tally outputs. Available in five different input connector variants: DB9, DB15, DB15HD, DB25 and DB37. Internal configuration matrix so in most cases no custom cable is necessary. Supports both program and preview tally (depends on switcher) metaSETZ exclusive intercom pass through. Compatible with metaSETZ TL-1, TL-XD and TL-2 tally lights. Includes DB Cable and USB power cube.

  • 8 Tally Outputs
  • Program Tally
  • Preview Tally (On switchers with support*)
  • Intercom Pass through Connector
  • Rugged ABS Construction
  • Cables Included

Partial Compatibility List:

  • DB9: BlackMagicDesigns Smartview, Globecaster, Panasonic HMX100, Rolabd V-1HD+, Ross Crossover 16 & Crossover Solo, Sony AnyCast
  • DB15: For-A HVS, Panasonic AW-HS50N, AV-HS400 & AV-HS410, Sony MCS8M & RM-IP1500
  • Dual DB15HD: AVMatrix VS0601, Most DataVideo, RGBLink M2, Roland V-40HD, VR-4HD, V800HD & V1600HD, some Matrox devices
  • DB25: Blackmagic Designs ATEM**, Broadcast Pix BPS, Mica & Granite, Datavideo SE-2800, 3200 & 2200, For-A HVS100, 110 & 1500, Grass Valley Director, Panasonic HS450N, Ross Carbonite Black Solo and other Ross with 25 pin tally ports, Roland V60HD, HS-450, V1200HDSony MVS, For-A HVS-1500
  • DB37: Ross Carbonite & Carbonite Black, Grass Valley Kalypso

NOTE: Be aware that many switcher manufacturers produced switchers with similar names but different tally ports e.g. Ross Carbonite Black and Ross Carbonite Black Solo do not use the same size port.

*If your switcher supports preview tally so do we.
**ATEM also requires the BMD SWTALGP8 GPI & Tally Interface. 

Identify Your Tally Port

Is your switcher not on the list? Shoot us an email and ask, more added every day.

Read The Manual

List Price $295-$395


  • Ross Crossover 16
  • Panasonic HMX100
  • Sony AnyCast
  • Others


  • Most DataVideo
  • Roland VR-40HD, V4HD, V800, V1600
  • RGBLink M2


  • Panasonic AW-HS50N
  • Sony MCS8M
  • Others


  • Blackmagic Designs ATEM
  • Broadcast Pix Mica and Granite
  • DataVideo SE-2800
  • For-A HVS-1500
  • Grass Valley Director
  • Sony MVS




Ross Carbonite