TLC-8S Tally Controller

TLC-8S Tally Controller

Quick Look:

  • 8 Assignable Tally outputs
  • 2 Assignable GPI outputs
  • Intercom Pass Through Connector
  • Compatible with TriCaster 40 2.0, TriCaster 410, 455, 460, 855, 860 , 8000, TC1, and TriCaster Mini along with the IP Series VMC1.
  • Compatible with the TriCaster TC1 & TC2
  • NOT Compatible with TriCaster 450, 850 or Extreme. Use TLC-8D instead.
  • USB Interface

The TLC-8S is our microprocessor controlled tally box for the NewTek TriCaster. It is compatible with all current High Def TriCasters including the TriCaster 40 (2.0). It connects to your TriCaster via USB and to the tally light via Ethernet style cable.

See TLC-8LS or TLC-4LS for Livestream Studio

The TLC-8S has eight tally output channels and supports Program, Preview and Talent tally. These channels can be assigned to any TriCaster input; you aren’t limited to just the camera inputs. Now you are free to assign a tally to the DDR, media player or network inputs.

The Talent tally is tied to the program tally but can be globally disabled via software.

There are also two GPI outputs that each can also be assigned to fire with any input. Now control external hardware with your TriCaster.

For CCU users the TLC-8S can be interfaced with CCUs that require ‘Dry’ contact closure using an RU-2 relay unit for each CCU.

Another thing that sets the TLC-8S apart from a simple adapter cable is the intercom pass-through so you can run both tally and intercom on a single Cat5 cable run. Connect your intercom base station into the XLR on the TLC-8S then connect your beltpacks to the multi-purpose port on the tally lights with the proper adapter cable.

An upgrade is available for the TLC-8D to add all the new functionality. Contact us for details on the upgrade process.

TLC-8S ships with a 6 foot USB cable .

Main Features

  • Compact, rugged ABS construction
  • Supports both program and preview tally
  • 8 assignable tally outputs
  • 2 assignable GPI outputs
  • XLR intercom pass through connection
  • Compatible with TL-XD, TL-1 and TL-2 lights plus RU-2 relay units
  • Powered via USB – no wall wart

Download the manual

List Price $495

CE Declaration of Conformity