Communication is key during any live production. metaSETZ Tally Products will keep you on your game.

Whatever the level of your production and whatever video switcher you use we have a tally system for you.

All metaSETZ tally controllers have an intercom pass through connector so you can share a single cable with tally and intercom out to your camera. Using inexpensive Cat5 cable you can save a lot of trouble during setup. Intercom pass through will require adapter cables at the camera end to connect to your existing intercom belt packs.

NewTek TriCaster – Choose between the TLC-8D economical controller for any TriCaster with a 15 pin tally port. The TLC-4S Smart Controller with 6 outputs, perfect for 4 input TriCasters. Or the TLC-8S Smart Controller with 8 outputs and 2 GPI ouputs for triggering external equipment. The Smart Controllers connect via USB to any current model TriCaster and support both program and preview tally.

LiveStream Studio & vMix- Two models to choose from the TLC-4LS and TLC-8LS Smart Controllers. Software support is built into the LS Studio. Both models support program and preview tally

Other Switchers – If it’s got a tally port we can make it work. With 9, 15, 25 and 37 pin variants the TLC-U supports most switchers without needing a custom cable. The pinout of the controllers port can be easily re-configured internally using jumpers. Supports program and if your switcher does preview tally.